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Canberra Nara Sister City Exchange
Light Festival 2007
International Festivals.
Kofun Ponds
Graduation and Games
Archaeology at Ichijo Library

Nara ~ International city over the MIllennium

Ancient Nara built 1,300 yrs BP - Recent Canberra built 130 yrs BP ~ Sister Cites ~ and both abound abundently with beautiful Nature.

Nara became an international city over 1000 years ago when the Great Buddah was enshrined. Canberra received international recognition when the year 2000 Olympic games started in the newly built International Olympic Stadium.

Nara celebrates its 1300 anniversary in 2010

Link to Sister Cities 5th Anniversary 1998

Photography is more than a hobby for me. It's a passion, the way I capture and celebrate life. In this site, I've assembled some of my favorite photographs from my stay in Nara Japan. Canberra ACT and Nara are sister cities and I spent a year in Nara on a Teacher Exchange.

Each day I cycled to IchiJo Senior High School and on weekends I explored the Modern and Ancient sites of Nara.

Home was in Sanwa Mansion, Saidaiji which was about 5 Km from Ichijo SHS.

Click for Pics of Sanwa Mansion in Saidaiji, Nara

Rekishi Kaido, the trail of history is the Japanese way of experiencing past cultures and civilisations first hand by walking through the the excavated and reconstructed sites. Its enthralling immersion in the past as my photos reveal.

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos. Please be sure to sign my Guestbook below when its done!

History of Nara's Asuka PIoneers

Link to Canberra ACT Pioneers

Yamato Emperor's Data Base

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