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Canberra Nara Sister City Exchange
Kofun Ponds
Light Festival 2007
International Festivals.
Kofun Ponds
Graduation and Games
Archaeology at Ichijo Library

Kofun burial mounds abound in Nara. Each day as I cycled from Saidaiji to Ichi Jo SHS I passed the tombs of:
Empress of Jingu Tenno14
Emperor Seimu Tenno13
Empress of Mintoku Tenno16
Empress of Suinin Tenno11
Empress Heizei Tenno 51

Genealogy of The Yamato Court. Emperors of the Asuka, Heijyo and Heian Periods

Kofun Pond Suinin 11; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Kofun of HIbasu Hime wife of Suinin Tenno 11

Dirt bike riders; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Here I might describe the photo above.