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Canberra Nara Sister City Exchange

Festival of Light - Canberra Nara Park - ACT

Light Festival 2007
International Festivals.
Kofun Ponds
Graduation and Games
Archaeology at Ichijo Library

Chief Minister Jon Stanhope welcomes thousands to the Festival of Light in Canberra Nara Park, October 20th 2007.

Canberra Nara Park Light Festival
WElcome by Chief Minister
Chief M. Jon Stanhope Translated by Yasumi Tebecis

Some of the 2000 Candle Lights
Some of the 2000 Candle Lights

TaikOz Drummers
TaikOz Drummers

The festival features a "river of light" made by candles arranged in the park's dry watercourse, as well as a variety of Japanese food and entertainment. It began in 2003 as a small ceremony commemorating the 10th anniversary of Canberra's relationship with her sister-city Nara in Japan.

Riley Lee with TaikOz

Thousands enjoyed the sunset Light Festival on the shores of Lake Burly Griffen and thrilled to the entertainment including performances by TaikOz traditional Taiko drummers and Riley Lee, Australia's only master of the shakuhachi, the traditional Japanese flute..
The Students from Nara University High Scool entertained with their vernacular repertoir.

There were activities for all ages, including origami, calligraphy, emu-calling, boomerang-painting, Japanese lantern-making and an anime tent with Manga comic books.

Japanese stores also sold handbags, framed origami and Australian and Japanese food.

The participants feasted on Japanese cuisine provided by several local societies.

Lighting the Candles
Lighting the Candles

Children enjoyed the Festival
Children enjoyed the Festival

Canberra Nara Sister City Site

Canberra Times Report

A Gazebo
A Gazebo
A very Poular Location

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