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IFFACT Interfaith Forum of the Australian Capital Territory

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The Australian Capital Territory houses our National Capital, Canberra, a multicultural microcosm of our Nation built on Migration.
Migrants from Lemuria and the Dreaming lead several waves of aboriginal migration until the forced miration of convicts to our Penal Colony 200 years ago.
Post WWII migration has enriched Australia with a raft of multicultural diversity that matches our Globe.
Since 1993 IFFACT has been facilitating open dialogue between people of different spiritual traditions within the ACT.

Our Constitution in Brief

Our vision is to see all people living in harmony, respecting all races, cultures, and religious traditions.

Our mission is to enable and facilitate open interchange and dialogue between people of different spiritual traditions within the ACT.

IFFACT Objectives:
1. To have open conversation between individuals of various spiritual and religious traditions, based on equality, without any formal ties to their parent organisation.

2. To develop knowledge, understanding and appreciation of various spiritual traditions.

3. To demonstrate effective and peaceful relationships between people of various spiritual and religious traditions.

4. To promote integration of the highest spiritual insights and ethical values in all aspects of community life.

5. To uphold and respect the right of all human beings to maintain and practice the religious belief of their choice.

IFFACT Membership

Membership is open to all who are interested in our vision, mission and objectives.

Membership provides you with the opportunity to fraternise with like-minded people from different spiritual traditions.

Members and other interested people in the ACT community can arrange to receive monthly updates via email or by phone.

Join us at our Monthly meetings or contact any members.

              We meet @ 38 Wisdom Street Hughes
                  4pm 2nd Sundays of each month.

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Guidelines for Members

Forum members are expected to uphold our Vision, Mission and Objectives, both in interactions within the Forum and with the public. Membership of the forum is informal and any interested person may join.

We meet 4pm to 5-ish on the second Sunday of each month at 38 Wisdom Street in Hughes ACT.

The National Multicultural Festival of Australia is held in February in Canberra. IFFACT coordinates our annual Interfaith celebration of the spiritual richness of our community as part of the festivities. Such events replace our monthly meeting.

Other activities include workshops, seminars, retreats, visits to different places of worship. We are moving to promote these electronically and on the airwaves.

There are no membership fees. Your participation and expertise is highly valued. Members are requested to attend monthly meetings or to notify a coordinator if unable to do so.

Questions or comments? Contact IFFACT:

Mailing Address:

The Secretary
7 John Russell Circuit

Phone: 02 6294 1430