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An Aussie Collage by ITS @ LTC

 The Drover's Dream

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I am Australian            B Woodley & D Newton

I come from the dreamtime from the dusty red soil plain
I am the ancient heart, the keeper of the flame
I stood upon the rocky shore I watched the tall ships come
For forty thousand years I'd been the first Australian

We are one but we are many and from all the lands on earth we come
We share a dream and sing with one voice, I am, you are, we are Australian

I came upon a prison ship bound down by ion chains
I cleared the land, endured the lash and waited for the rains
I'm a settler, I'm a farmer's wife on a dry and barren run,
A convict then a free man, I became Australian.

I'm the daughter of a digger who sought the mother lode
The girl became a woman on the long and dusty road,
I'm a child of the depresssion, I saw the good times come,
I'm a bushy, I'm a battler, I am Australian.

I'm a teller of stories, I'm a singer of songs
I am Albert Namatjira, and I paint the ghostly gums,
I am Clancy on his horse, I'm Ned Kelly on the run,
I'm the one who waltzed Matilda, I am Australian

I'm the hot wind from the desert, I'm the black soil of the Plains,
I.m the mountains and the valleys, I'm the drought and flooding rains,
I am a rock, I am the sky, the rivers when they run,
The spirit of this great land I am Australian.